Innojection® is developing a range of integrated tree injection solutions for the professional and home market with a strong focus on simplicity, durability and security. Key aspects of our products are:

  • Precision: Easy to position injection at the right place in the trunk
  • Pressure: No, low and high pressure injection, fully adjustable
  • Volume: Adjustable volume, depending on application and tree size
  • Compounds: Crop-protection, nutrition, and growth regulators
  • Duration: Single injection and tanks for long-term treatments
  • Range: Tree and bush trunks starting with a diameter of 6cm

Our development process follows a rapid-prototyping approach using most advanced CAD,  3D Metal, PA, ABS and PLA (bio degradable) printing technologies and CNC platforms.

We further have in-house capabilities to develop and integrate IT components into our solutions such as software applications, RFID chips, GPS tracking, and photovoltaic cells. Allowing us to fully leverage convergence of technologies.